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So let me break down a session for you. I want you to know what you are getting from me as your photographer. That way, there are no surprises and you can jump in feeling excited and secure about your photography session.

candid elopement photography in Oahu Hawaii with top photographer


Seriously, this will probably be your guys face when you book a photo session. Don’t worry we will change that.

Once you book with me we will have a little chat via phone or email, figure out your time and date and get all the not so fun stuff (Contracts + Signatures) out of the way right off the bat.

Simple. Quick. Done. Now the fun begins!

You will get a questionnaire full of all kinds of personal in depth questions! Okay it’s not that bad, I promise. The questions are simple and designed to bring out the quirky little details of your true self. If you are an introvert like me then I will show you how to bring out the juicy emotions without feeling too exposed.

I want us to know each other by the time this session begins. When we finally meet it will be as friends finally getting to see each other for an exciting adventure that you will get to remember forever. Because your new friend happens to be a bada** photographer.

candid pose from portrait photography session in Oahu Hawaii with destination photographer

When it comes to the styling I will go beyond just being your photographer. I will help you figure out exactly what will make you look and feel your best, and stay true to your style. I’m not talking some out of date Pinterest board. I mean as your best girl friend, text me pictures and I will text you some right back.

I got you.

Locations are the best part. This is about much more than a pretty backdrop. This is going to be an enjoyable day out where you are Doing Something Worth Remembering with your partner or whole family.

couples portrait photography session in Oahu Hawaii with destination photographer

When the day of the shoot finally rolls around you are going to be Giddy and Excited and probably full of nerves. But don’t worry, I will run you through what to expect again and after a few quick classic poses, we will all relax and fall into a more natural rythym. 

This is where it gets fun! Here is where I let you lead and have the freedom to capture the raw candid interactions and really bring your story to life. If you think you may feel or awkward or be too much of an introvert (like me) Don’t Worry! I won’t leave you hanging and staring around.

I will guide you into scenarios that will pull out your best you and direct you into a natural state where you can comfortably be yourself. Genuine emotions will be had, we will all laugh, and maybe I will get lucky and make you cry. Sorry, but I like that kind of stuff. I am a photographer.

raw emotion candid engagement session from best portrait photographer in Oahu Hawaii

I only book 4-6 Portrait Photography Sessions a month.

It is so important for me to keep my time available, and my photography sessions intimate, so I can make sure your day is magical and one worth cherishing.

If you are fun loving or deeply moody, artistic or cheesy, head-over-heels in love or heart and arms full of family, then I may just be the photographer for you. If you place values and heart at the top your list and understand the worth and beauty of such a raw experience, then there is a reason you have read this far.

But before you contact me for your portrait photography session please know this.

candid black and white photography from high quality family photographer in Oahu Hawaii

As a your photographer, I want to figure out the heart and soul of who you truly are. Not just snap a pretty picture. I want the crinkled nose laughs, tears and tender touches. The kids to be wild and crazy, or clingy and shy.

The beauty I seek lies in the imperfection of your lovely lives.

So, are you ready for an adventure filled day you will cherish forever? Then contact me today and tell me a little bit of your story and what you want to capture. I can’t wait to hear.

Storytelling Photographer

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Aloha! I am an Oahu Based Photographer who captures the authentic stories of Island life across the Hawaiian Islands. Whether you are Kama’aina (local) or vacationing these gorgeous islands I know you have a wonderful story just waiting to be captured.

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