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Motherhood is very near and dear to me. Partly because it is a large part of my own identity and also because I understand the impact it makes on other women to see themselves in this role.

Motherhood is hard and it is messy. The joys are unparalleled as are the burdens. The impact of this is extreme on Every. Single. Woman. I honor and respect this Journey for each and every woman out there. My goal is to show all you amazing Mamas, how truly remarkable you are… even if the kids say you are… “just Mom”.

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We will start your Motherhood Session with a phone call where we will have an awesome chat about all things Mom Life. We will delve into all the beautiful (and terrifying) things that are happening in you and your childrens lives together right now. From this I will be able to piece together the perfect location, attire, and mood for the shoot.

Before we meet I will be in touch again to calm any preshoot nerves and talk you through what to expect and how I will guide you. When it is shoot day we will have a blast! I will work on bringing out all the genuine emotions that are creating your real life story right now. You will be able to let any armor fall and fully embrace what it means to be Mom. Expect full on belly laughs, lots of hugs, and maybe even a few tears.

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What If I Am Too Shy or Uncomfortable?

Every woman I work with has some form of doubts or fears going into a photo shoot. And that is okay. I will be there to help you open up to your vulnerability and come to a place where you feel alive, open, and free to be seen for who you are. Even if you are more on the reserved side or are a complete introvert (like me), you have a power in you waiting to be recognized. We will find that special part of Motherhood that makes you feel your best, and I will capture it, so you will always be able to find the strength and beauty that drives your family. 

What Would I Do With These Images?

Your children seeing images of you with them is a constant reminder that you place value and importance on being with them. Not to mention, having these special images readily available to view will keep your mind in a healthy and happy place. When home life is hectic and full of trauma seeing images of the “hard” (because most days with kids are hard) but beautiful days long gone will give you the fortitude to overcome your current obstacles.

Do You Help Style?

While I do not put a lot of emphasis on hair and makeup I will be here to support and help with any decision you make. Some women meet with a MUA before their photo shoot, but many choose to do their own or show up au natural. 

Do You Travel For Sessions?

You bet I Do! I have a passion for travel and finding meaningful and inspiring locations for these incredibly special sessions. Travel fees are not included in my packages but I offer special pricing when I have 2 or more sessions booked in the same location. So get your favorite woman in on this too!!