Garden of the Goddess Partnership

Gardens of Oahu

A networking event that feels more like an intimate gathering of creatives. Designed to bring together strong vibrant woman, entrepreneurs, and like-minded creatives and showcase their business.

Garden of the Goddess Shootout will help you increase brand awareness and reach new markets with a fun and creative way to shine a spotlight on all the businesses involved. It’s a way to tap into the audiences of your fellow brands who share similar values and the same target customer.

I have only invited like-minded companies that I feel complement each other and will make strong strategic partnerships.

Flyer subject to change. Names listed here are not guaranteed to be in participation and are only shown for demonstration purposes.

The brands featured are all brands I feel hold the same values, strong ethics, and are mostly made up of self made, dynamic and passionate women entrepreneurs. 

By being apart of other like-minded creatives journeys we build a bigger story.

This storytelling creates intimacy and familiarity with your brand. If I have reached out to you to be apart of this Journey with me, than it is because I feel you value this type of loyalty in customers and partners alike, more so than numbers. 

This is more than just to show off your name. Having your products in this shootout fosters unique relationship for all involved to directly experience and truly connect with what your brand embodies and the message you are sending out into the world. 

This is scalable, personal and, most importantly, effective.

Styled Collaboration with Desert Daisy Jewelry

How Can You Be Involved

You may send up to 3 items to be showcased in the photo shoot. Each product will be modeled on different models and in different styled sets by a multitude of photographers. This will ensure you receive a high number of usable product images for different campaigns and scenarios.

Gift cards and promo codes are acceptable, not to mention greatly appreciated, and will be given to all participants in goodie bags and raffled off as prizes. This also fosters a strong bond for your brand and will give you a much greater reach for audience and customer loyalty.

All photographers and models will be required to follow sponsors and partner social accounts to be eligible for participation and prizes. 

All Photographers and Models will receive a list of reference photos for each provided product. These will include the appropriate username, hashtag, and web links to be used when a pertaining image is featured on social media, websites, portfolios and blogs. This makes it extremely easy and highly likely for your products to be tagged across multiple media platforms.

You can use this as a template to base what information to include in the registration form below

Date : February 16th 2019

Location is Wahiawa Botanical Gardens on the island Oahu, Hawaii. The gardens have a wide range of beautiful scenery including a variety of local foliage, bamboo trees, stone pathways, and offers an unparalleled beauty for backdrops.

To ensure a timely arrival for processing, please mail in up to 3 of your lovely products by February 1st. 

All products received will be raffled at the event and used for contest participation prizes. No products will be sent back due to liability reasons, and to keep the participants at ease while handling. 

All products can be delivered to 

Leela Moon.  68-155 Au st PH 6.     Waialua, Hi 96791

My personal contact info


Feel free to text, call or email me for further information, but please take into consideration timezone differences.

I am so excited to have you apart of the Garden of the Goddess Shootout and Look forward to your participation in the Event!