About Me

Me on A Personal Level

portrait family, travel, and adventure photographer based in Oahu hawaii

This is me. In my home. Unfiltered. This is how you will see me and know me. I am a tad bit awkward. An Extroverted Introvert. Meaning even though I can be very shy, I can also talk a mile a mile a minute and will be your best friend in a minute.

My love of photography gets me doing most of the things in life I would have only enjoyed from books or living vicariously through others. Like my families favorite. Location Scouting. Or as my kids like to call it, Hiking. I think my husband would put it as Exploring. Whichever word you prefer, we do it a Lot.

For now we call Oahu, Hawaii home, but we are wandering souls and will soon be embarking on a Journey of full time world travel.

Want to see more of my life and everyday adventures? See my Family Travel page LifeOvergrown.

Why I am A Photographer

I am Image Obsessed

In love with the world around me I want nothing more than to capture it in its entirety. To me this means real, honest, Raw images. The true human experience and how that differs from person, to family, to lovers is what I long to share.

I grew up with a strong sense to see and do everything. This did not happen right away. In fact, most of my young days were spent exploring by myself, or curled up like Alice reading and dozing under trees.

This instilled in me a well of deep feelings that I longed to set free.

Too shy to share these intense feelings I was like a bird being set free the first time I got my hands on a camera.

It’s those inbetween, messy moments, that true beauty lies. The wild laugh of a woman chased by her lover. The mother stoically giving her all to her family, and the tender way she holds her child in moments of chaos. The carefree whimsy of a child and their natural open love.

These are the stories that tell of life. And Life is what I yearn to capture.

Are you interested in booking me for a family or couple portrait session? Learn more about this limited opportunity below.

My Gear

  • Nikon z7
  • 24-70mm f/4 S lens

My camera goes with me everywhere. And my family loves to adventure and explore. So, whether I am climbing mountains, shooting my wild and free children, or working with a brand, I know my images will be amazing.

This trusty little powerhouse provides me the confidence I will be able to get the shot I am envisioning. I want my clients + collaborators to have the same confidence and know they are getting the best quality when it comes to me as a photographer and their images.


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