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portrait of artist and fine art travel and adventurephotographer leela moon

Here I am. Leela Moon.
I am an Artist and Photographer.
A gypsy soul who thrives on adventure and deep connections with the world and people around me. An introverted extrovert with an urge to travel and take in all the wonders of this life.

And though I am quick to find the beauty in flaws, I struggle with my own doubts and fears. This is where my desire to let others have the opportunity to be seen comes from. The experience of seeing your story, your true self is transformational. But having others witness and accept this raw vulnerability is freeing. This is my drive. My passion.

Oh yeah, I also am not much for small talk and like to dig right into the heart of the matter. Which, is why I imagine, I can tend to come off as shy and quiet. Because words are strong. Words mean a lot to me. And when I speak, I want mine to mean something.

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