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Leela Moon Photography
Photographer for the Dreamers and Doers. The Wild-at-Heart Women full of Passion and Fire. Here you can be free to let your true self show. I want you to see the Beauty of Your Unique Story the way it Deserves to be Seen.
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Leela Moon

A dreamer filled with a passion for showing people the beauty I see in their stories. I found out early in life that I connect with and understand others in a unique way. For a long time I hid myself from the world, keeping silent in the comfort of my quiet ways. Being empathetic and sensitive to those around me could be overwhelming to say the least. But then, in the click of a shutter, my passions burst forth and I was thrust out of my comfort zone and into a whole new way of life. I had found my calling and I could no longer stay to myself knowing the powerful gift I have to give to other women. The gift of being Seen. Truly seen for the Beautiful Woman You Are and Where You Are in your Journey.

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Photographer For Women

Empowering Photography For All Stages of Life


No matter if you are an Adventure Mama or Cozy at Home these are the Best Days of Your Family Life. Honor your role in Motherhood and give your family and children the greatest gift of all. The Gift of Celebrating their Lives.

family photography home session documentary photographer

As women we often overlook ourselves in order to take care of everyone around us. I help women Find + Reclaim the Goddess within. It is a Powerful thing to see yourself as the Strong Woman you are. It is never too late

women empowerment photography beauty fine art portrait photographer

I support other aspiring women leaders by helping them create greater awareness and showcasing the value they bring to their profession. Together we will show the World who you are and what you stand for.

personal brand photography for women creatives and artist

"When I recommend Leela to a friend (because I will!) I will say- We loved working with Leela Moon! She treated us like old friends from the get-go and was so warm and patient with our children. She allowed us to be ourselves and really captured the sweetest moments from our family as well as pointed us in the direction of some beautiful spots. Nothing felt posed or forced!"

mother and daughter photography mommy and me session

"I definitely had concerns about my children. They are free spirts and can be hard to get to sit still, but I loved how she guided us on our own little adventures and made it fun, especially for my daughter. "

beauty portrait of woman photography fashion photographer

"Honestly, my goal was to just get one beautiful picture of myself. Leela was able to accomplish that and so much more! I have so many beautiful photos to choose from. And they all feel like me."

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For Mamas
Celebrating Motherhood

The experience of Motherhood is messy yet glorious, all consuming, and terrifyingly beautiful. And yes, the life-giving role of Mother is a tough one. But this is a Journey that powerfully transforms every womans life and it deserves to be celebrated.

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women empowerment and beauty photographer

Have you ever noticed your own smile?
The kind of smile that reaches your eyes and is full of warmth and comfort.
Let go of your pre-conceived notions about yourself and see how gorgeous you actually are.

women empowerment and beauty photographer

Motherhood is a Journey that powerfully transforms every womans life.
And it deserves to be celebrated.

personal brand photography and content creation for women entrepreneurs and artist

This is for all you creative and aspiring women leaders out there. Create authentic and inviting content for all your social media and promotional needs.

adventure family photography motherhood and child photographer

For the free-spirited women with adventurous souls.
Mamas with wild and brave families full of energy and life.
Lovers ready to take on the world together and build a life full of adventure.
By the end of these sessions your feet will be dirty + your hair will be messy.
But your eyes will be sparkling and your heart will be full.

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For the Untamed Lovers + Wild Hearts

lifestyle documentary portrait of child in home documentary photography session from family photographer

For the women who want to capture the True Untold Story of their lives.
Remember the precious moments of now, how only you and your closest loved ones know them. When you are telling stories of the Good Ol' Days these are the photos that will make you laugh, have you in tears, and bring back the feelings and emotions in a way that will leave you saying.. "it feels like it was just yesterday".

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